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Piñata Cake

Piñata Cake

I remember being in a high school class in France (I was on a Rotary Club exchange) and the teacher making an effort to use my knowledge of America to support a point she was making about the American economy – so she asked me what the most popular form of shopping was in America. I didn’t really understand the question and answered, “at the mall?”, which she seemed to find annoying.

“Non! C’est le cash and carry!”

I didn’t understand, at first, that she was actually using an English expression and thought “cash and carry” was some complicated French term I had never heard. When she wrote it on the board, however, it didn’t improve things much. I had no idea what cash and carry actually was, so I had a hard time thinking that this was the most popular form of shopping in America. It apparently refers in some respect to wholesale shopping, which is, of course, actually pretty popular in America (however the cash element is obviously not required).

Point being that, in general, one interesting aspect of spending time in a foreign country is getting to understand how you are viewed from the outside.

Along those lines, this photo below is from the frozen food section at one of my favorite food stores in France, Picard (which is, essentially, only a frozen food section).

They have recently added a Hello America food range to their offerings which includes such classics as apple pie, and…piñata cake?

This is how they describe it (roughly translated):

East Coast or West Coast, it’s from Picard! Discover a selection of products with a good taste of America that gourmets there recommend. These limited editions take your taste buds on an exceptional culinary journey across the great continent. Let’s go! * Hello America