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Life in France has experienced a few alterations over the last weeks due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

Schools have been shut down, all non-essential stores have been shuttered (food stores and pharmacies remain open) and now, as of noontime today we are under a gentle form of lockdown, where we are ordered not to leave the house except under five conditions of exception:

  1. Going to work if you can’t work remotely
  2. Buying good/pharmacy items
  3. For reasons of health (jogging, cycling…alone)
  4. To assist vulnerable family members or for childcare reasons
  5. Going for a walk/taking dog for a walk

This is what the attestation looks like (below). You have to have one with you each and every time you exit the house or else risk a 38 euro (who decided on that specific amount?) fine.

The official attestation…
My partner’s attestation to go for a run…