— Cognitive Neuroscience

Current and Previous

I find myself presently occupied as a PhD student in Cendri Hutcherson’s Decision Neuroscience laboratory at the University of Toronto.

My work combines behavioral experimentation with neuro-imaging and computational modeling in an effort to develop a deeper understanding of our decision making processes–and how these processes may sometimes err.

Other areas of interest include understanding the gaps between the current world we live in and that for which our brain evolved, how cognitive neuroscience might usefully inform public policy, and the effects of social media on behavior and the brain.


Before beginning my PhD I split my time between work as an artist and documentary filmmaking. My last art project, developed in collaboration with photographer Martin Adolfsson (who I met while in residence at NEW INC), is an anti-social media app, called minutiae. You can read a bit about it here, and download it here.

My last documentary project was The Circus, following the democratic and republican candidates during the 2016 primaries. Previously I worked on projects for Frontline such as Separate and Unequal and A Death in St. Augustine (in collaboration with the New York Times).

Born to American parents who, after eloping in Tierra del Fuego, had decided to become ‘back-to-the-landers’ in rural Nova Scotia, I grew up in the woods in a house built by my father.

While in many ways an idyllic childhood, I do not miss the morning mid-winter pre-sunrise chicken feedings.

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